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Go Solar with 6.6kw Hybrid Combo System

Jinko Solar Panels with Sungrow Inverter

only $40 per week*

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*To claim advertised special you must be eligible for the Govt. Solar Credits Rebate & Zone 3 STCs discounts, and your property is single storey, tin roof and within 50km from Brisbane CBD.

Get a 6.6kw Battery Ready Solar Power System For Only $40 per week*

System Package Details:

  • JINKO Solar Panels 275W

  • Sungrow 5KW inverter

  • Single and Tin roof

  • Energex Application

  • 50KM from Brisbane CBD

  • HOP- 40mm

  • Select Series Rail Joiner

  • Earthing Lug

  • Earthing Plate

  • Inner Clamp adjustable Sliver

  • End Clamp 40mm Sliver

  • Interface Bracket

  • Cable Clip

  • HOP-Select-lite Rail 4200mm

  • ZJ-Beny Isolator 4P 1200V 32A

  • Suntree CB AC/1P/250V/25A

  • Label Kit Solar (21 pce)

  • MCIV TYPE Connectors M-F

  • ZJ-Beny Isolator Cover

  • System installation completed

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