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Solar panels owners caught between a rock and a hard place

Households with solar panels are fast looking to batteries as a way to offset the sharp fall in rebates Synergy pays them for their electricity, but making the move could cost them the tariff [...]

Cracking the small-scale code – February 2017

Small-scale systems installed across Australia This map shows the total number of small-scale renewable energy systems installed under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme in each state and territory, and the total kilowatt rated output [...]

Shut down solar systems for cyclone safety

Ergon Energy customers with Solar PV are being reminded to shut down their systems ahead of Tropical Cyclone Debbie hitting the north Queensland Coast. Ergon Energy Customer Delivery Manager Mark Biffanti said cyclones can [...]

How much can you save?

The ROI of a solar PV system has become so attractive, many people are surprised to find out it is now possible to get a top of the range system to pay for itself [...]

Why go solar

Why go solar - Top 10 benefits of solar energy There are many reasons why homeowners go solar, but improving the environment and cutting energy costs are the most common. Many people are aware [...]

Dream of energy-collecting windows is one step closer to reality

Researchers at the University of Minnesota and University of Milano-Bicocca are bringing the dream of windows that can efficiently collect solar energy one step closer to reality thanks to high tech silicon nanoparticles. The [...]

Printable solar cells just got a little closer

A U of T Engineering innovation could make printing solar cells as easy and inexpensive as printing a newspaper. Dr. Hairen Tan and his team have cleared a critical manufacturing hurdle in the development [...]

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